Call of Duty Mobile Modes

Call of Duty Mobile is divided into two major segments. These are Multi-player and Battle Royale. Even if the controls are largely similar and the illustrations are the same, these are essentially different modes of play. The Zombie mode has temporarily been removed and is no longer available even though fans has been agitating for its return. Try this CoD Mobile aimbot and get free CP

Multi-player modes

There are different multi-player maps and modes to play. The main modes are Frontline, Team Death Match and Domination. Also are Search & Destroy, Domination, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Free for All and Practice vs AI.

There are features special modes which includes Standoff - Halloween, Sniper Only, Gun Game, Prop Hunt. There are rewards for playing all types, so have your eyes on the Battle Pass to know where you can gain rewards. The featured modes are temporal and sometimes debut with a new map.

The maps differ by the game type, shifting to suit the type of game you're going to play; Killhouse, Nuketown, Hijacked, Cage and Rust as well as Gulag, Scrapyard, Summit, Highrise, Crash, Crossfire and Standoff. Also are Firing Range, Takeoff, Raid and Meltdown. The first six are really small, the other 10 are larger, altering the style of play.

There are ranked multi-player matches and these will revolve between game modes and maps.

Battle Royale Modes

In Battle Royale there are two maps right now (Classic and Alcatraz) and you can play in First Person Perspective (FPP) or Third Person Perspective (TPP), you can play solo, duo or team but Alcatraz can only accommodate a squad of four.

In Battle Royale you literally parachute in with nothing in the battle field, accumulate weapons with the intention of being the last player or surviving squad. The play area slowly shrinks, forcing surviving players to a smaller area. This applies to both Classic and Alcatraz Battle Royale.

The game occasionally has other modes; Sniper Challenge where it's only sniper weapons and pistols are used called Warfare mode, this uses the classic BR Map, also, this mode has teams of 20 on opposing sides for a distinction on BR gameplay, but this also a temporary mode.

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